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Kintaki (Congo/Zaire/Holland)
Blaise Kintaki was brought up in Congo (Zaire). He attended music school and played trumpet and sang in the fanfare group Chem Chem Yetu. Later he played with the band OJLAI (Orchestre des Jeunes La´ques).
Blaise Kintaki decided to leave Za´re, when his compositions were censured for political reasons in 1976. He went to Paris to continue his education and musical career, and wrote a number of songs in these years. In 1994 he decided to go to the Netherlands to try his musical luck there.

Band: Kintaki is a band with professional musicians, from various places in Africa (Blaise Kintaki, Zou Diarra), South America (Edna Proctor, Roberto Cuello), North America (Paul William), as well as Europe (Claudio Sarpe). All musicians have years of experience with performing on stage, in all kinds of music like jazz, pop, salsa and traditional music. This unique blend of people and origin give a special flavour to the music.

Repertoire: In 1986 two songs, Jolie Pouppee and Nella, were brought out on album, a maxi single recorded and brought out in Paris, with musicians like Rigo Star, Dikoto Mandengue, Defao, Justin Bowen and Christophe Boulanger. These numbers were also on the cd Mosaique Vivant from 1995. Work from Kintaki is also on the cd A Professional Tone, which was produced in 1997 by SNV, a Dutch Development Organisation. In 1997 Blaise Kintaki also made CD Amie under personal management with 10 of his compositions (at this time with artist name King Taky). In 2002 the initiave was taken together with Zou Diarra to record another 12 songs, with a new band and a new sound. Blaise Kintaki contacted Job Zomer (whom he met at Farmsound Studio when he was recording Amie) to present the new songs, which resulted in album Unite being produced by Munich Records BV.

Performances: Blaise Kintaki and his band played a number of concerts already. He played at festivals like: Festival Mundial (Tilburg), Dunya Festival (Rotterdam), HaSchiBa Festival (Den Haag), Vierdaagse feesten (Nijmegen), Blij met Bijlmer (Amsterdam), Wereldfestival (Gemert), Een Ander Festival (Schijndel) en bevrijdingsfestivals in Groningen en Den Bosch. Kintaki played also in clubs like Nighttown (Rotterdam), De Effenaar (Eindhoven), Basement 5 (Maastricht) and O42 (Nijmegen). In 1996 Blaise Kintaki and his group won the Roos van Nijmegen, the pop music award from the city of Nijmegen.

Radio and TV: Different radio stations paid attention to the CD Amie. There were interviews with Q Radio (the former Radio London). In December 1998 Kintaki performed live for Radio Gelderland and in January 1999 he played with his band for the show Muzieksessies from TV Gelderland. There is a videotape available from this show.

Website of Blaise Kintaki: click here.

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Past events
  • Show Kintaki Reuring Festival  
    Purmerend (Herengracht podium)  
    July 14, 2005