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Deventer Vibes on Afro-Latino Festival
Saturday June 21, 2014 in Festivalterrein Miekersweg (Bree - BE)

The Afro-Latino Festival takes place on Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 June 2014!

Performing artists are Daddy Yankee, Busy Signal, Macka B, Babylon Circus, Pow Pow Movement, Skarra Mucci and also a few Dutch artists like Rootsriders ft. Mitchell Brunings and Deventer Vibes!

Deventer Vibes:
Deventer Vibes is a project by Black Star producer Asher E with young local hiphop talent from his hometown Deventer (Holland), like The Puzzle, Samuel, DMG, Sonko, Armani, Jay, DLN, De Grijze Massa, Leezy, Wobie and Phunkz.

Teh performance of Deventer Vibes takes place on the Hakuna Matata stage on Saturday 21 June from 15:00 till 15:45.

More info and full line-up: Afro-Latino Festival

Line up

Performing artists:

Asher-E (The Netherlands)
'Riddim master' and Black Star producer Asher-E!
Eelco Kastermans (Asher-E) is an allround reggae musician, sound engineer and producer. For many years he is the producer for Black Star Foundation and he plays the melodica very well!

DLN (The Netherlands)
DLN is actually Delano Poortstra. He lives in Deventer (Holland) and is only 19 years old. DLN is busy with rap since 4 years and he is memmber of The Puzzle.

DMG (The Netherlands)
Adlebert van der Woldt, artist name DMG, is working in music since 2003. Dring the years, he has an overload of video clips available on the internet. DMG releases his music with his own team by the name of Highpro Productions.

Wobie (The Netherlands)
Wouter Tempelman, also known as Wobie, is a rapper from the town Deventer (Holland). In 2005 he started with freestyling, later on he started to write lyrics and making recordings.

Samuel (The Netherlands)
For many years, Samuel works as a producer (Producer Snapze), but he also writes his own lyrics and songs. Samuel was finalist Wanted 2009 and Talent New-Arts (Deventer, Holland).

Sonko (The Netherlands)
Sonko is interested in hip hop since 1999, but he is really active in the scene since 2003/2004. After a few years he started to work with DMG. His motto is to love and to share all good things with others.

The Puzzle (The Netherlands)
The Puzzle is a group of independent artists, producers, designers and video-makers. It is a multicultural crew with influences from different music genres, but mainly hip hop.