African specials (2005-now)

In January 2005 Black Star Foundation recorded some Specials (or 'dubplates') with different Ghanaian artists. We want to support African (especially Ghanaian) artists to offer African Specials to dj's, soundsystems (and everybody who is interested).

What is a special or dubplate? 'Special' is a term used in the Jamaican music industry to describe a personalized song done on a selected rhythm track exclusively for dj's, soundsystems, clubs and radio stations. It can also be defined as an extended jingle.

The 'special' is usually done live with the artist recording a song with lyrics written exclusively for and include the name of this dj, soundsystem, club or radio station.

'Specials' can be very effective when being broadcast or played in the Dancehall because the listeners or audiences uses them to elevate the performance of Disc Jockeys, Sound Systems, Selectors and also to adjudge the winner from two more Sound Systems competing (Sound Clash) for the title of 'The Best Dancehall Sound' or 'The Best Selector'.

What does Black Star Foundation? By offering African Specials to Western DJ's and soundsystems, Black Star Foundation helps these artiests song by song. First of all their music will be played in the clubs, which is good for their reputation in the West. The support is also financially: all income goes to the artist, Black Star Foundation takes care of the handling, if needed including cutting the vinyl.

What can you do? You can listen to some Black Star Specials on this website (see artists below). Are you interested in your own African Special of one of these artists, please contact us!