Football - Jah Thunder

Single / Release: 11-06-2021

The Football song was released on the same day the European Championships started, on the 11th of June 2021. It’s a promotional song for football worldwide, different great football players from around the world are mentioned in the lyrics by Jah Thunder.

Music by The Firehouse Crew (drums by George Miller, bass by Donald Dennis, keyboard by Paul Crosdale and guitar by Lamont Savory). Additional musicians: Melodica by Asher-E and backing vocals by Robina Souilljee. The videoclip is recorded in Kingston, Jamaica (2021).


1.   Jah Thunder - Football

Babylon Burning Riddim - Various artists

Riddim / Release: 01-02-2020

The foundation of the Babylon Burning riddim was laid some 30 years ago by Dutch reggae producer Asher-E and it became the origin of the fruitful cooperation between Black Star and Asher-E. Over the years many artists have interpreted the riddim in their own particular styles, yet only five iterations have appeared on albums before. These previously released versions have all been revisited, remixed and remastered and are incorporated on the new release, alongside fifteen never before heard tracks.

The international appeal of reggae music is again confirmed on this release with vocalists from Japan, the United Kingdom, the Virgin Islands, the Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana and of course Jamaica. Out of many, one riddim…


1.    Mark Wonder - Elect of Himself
2.    Marlon Asher - Kings Highway
3.    Amanda Vibez - Without Jah Love
4.    Prince Alla - It's Blazing

5.    King Kong - Pure And Clean

6.    Tampanae - Bright Lights

7.    Jah Thunder - Live Di Life

8.    Leah Rosier - Babylon Burning

9.    Asher-E - Blazing (melodica version)

10.  CJ Joe - Try We A Try

11.  Kazam Davis - No Doubt

12.  Blae Minott - Wrong Name

13.  Lady K-Wida - So Much Trouble

14.  Osagyefo ft. Tuff Lion - Slave Master

15.  Colah Colah - There Is No Justice

16.  Exile Di Brave ft. Taxi Red Ash - Spend My Money

17.  Vivian Jones - All My Life

18.  The Itesologist - Show Love
19.  Asher-E - Fire Dub

20.  Asher-E - Babylon Dubbin

Change - Rapha Pico ft Jahbar I

Single / Release: 01-01-2020

The single ‘Change’ is a cooperation between Black Star Foundation, Rapha Pico (Holland/Surinam) and Jahbar I (Jamaica). The single is released on January 1st (2020), in the context of new year's resolutions. “If you really wanna make a difference, you better start today. How you expect a change, if you are doing things the same way?”

The riddim is recorded in Jamaica, music by the legendarische Firehouse Crew, saxofone by Nicolas Laraque and backing vocals by D. Wisdom. Mixed by Donald ’Tixie’ Dixon for Black Star Foundation. The videoclip is recorded in the heart of Amsterdam (2019), filmed and edited by Iyobel Izhia.


1.   Rapha Pico ft. Jahbar I - Change

Dub & Dwars - Brainpower

Album / Release: 21-04-2018

In 2010 Dutch rapper Brainpower and Black Star Foundation released the reggae album ‘Dub & Dwars'. Special for Recordstore Day (21 April 2018) the album is also released on red clear vinyl! Limited edition: there are just a few pieces available. Order your LP at the Black Star webstore and we will add the CD Dub & Dwars for free!


1.   Dub & Dwars
2.   Non Stop Dub   
3.   De Vierde Kaart Dub
4.   Je Moest Waarschijnlijk Gaan Dub   
5.   Dans Ska
6.   Alles Dub
7.   Boks Ouwe Dub

The Original Black Star Sound - Various artists

Mixtape / Release: 01-04-2018

January 2018, Black Star Sound from Amsterdam (Holland) had the pleasure to link up with a close friend of the original Black Star Sound from Kingston (Jamaica). He shared a lot of exclusive Black Star tunes and recordings with us, so we were able to make this mixtape with strictly original Black Star dubplates by the artists Sugar Minott, Anthony Red Rose, Admiral Tibet, Anthony Malvo, Hopeton Lindo, Earl Cunningham, Pad Anthony, Edi Fitzroy and many more. Mixed by Selector Den-Den for Black Star Foundation (Holland).

Black Star Sound - Various artists

Mixtape / Release: 01-04-2018

This mixtape consists of strictly Black Star dubplates by Jamaican artists like Bunny Wailer, John Holt, The Mighty Diamonds, Yellowman, Johnny Osbourne, Horace Andy, Frankie Paul, Half Pint, Anthony B, Romain Virgo, Luciano, Sizzla, Bushman, Etana, Vivian Jones and Beres Hammond. Black Star Sound (Amsterdam) also likes to showcase young talents like Leah Rosier, Rapha Pico, Joggo (Holland), Exile Di Brave, Micah Shemaiah, Jahbar I and Samory I (Jamaica). Mixed by Selector Den-Den for Black Star Foundation (Holland).

The Black Star Tracks - Leah Rosier

Album / Release: 17-11-2017

The third album by Leah Rosier contains 11 tracks, including one dub version.
In this album the female artist from Amsterdam shows a more mature side of herself, both musically as lyrically. All vocals and backing vocals are done by Leah herself. She even plays guitar on ‘Smile Vibe High’.

The music is partly played and recorded in Jamaica with the Firehouse Crew and partly in Holland by Black Star producer Asher-E (and some other musicians). All tracks are produced and mixed by Asher-E.


1. No Puppets
2. Smile Vibe High    
3. Make It Burn
4. Not Cursed
5. Babylon Burning
6. Rude Boy
7. Realize
8. Let Love    
9. Come Rain Come Shine
10. Butterflies
11. Rude Dub

World Of Righteousness Riddim - Various artists

Riddim / Release: 17-11-2017

A brand new riddim sampler. The album holds 10 different tracks by both national and international artists on one instrumental (riddim). Riddim written and mixed by Asher-E (Holland), whereby some versions are mixed by Tixie (Jamaica).

The riddim features Jamaican superstars Anthony B, Luciano and Mikey General, but also the young and talented Jahbar I (Jamaica) and Marlon ‘Ganja Farmer’ Asher (Trinidad). From Holland there are some versions on the riddim by Dutch young artists, like Robina Souilljee, Rapha Pico and Leah Rosier, plus a melodica version by producer and multi-instrumentalist Asher-E and a bonus-version by Dutch rapper / hip hop artist Brainpower.


1. Luciano - Babylon Move Like Rug
2. Marlon Asher - Trouble
3. Anthony B - Negus
4. Leah Rosier - Let Love
5. Jahbar I - Upendo
6. Rapha Pico - No Escape
7. Mikey General - Stand Firm
8. Robina Souilljee - Don’t Judge   
9. Asher-E - World of Righteousness
10. Brainpower - Je Moest Waarschijnlijk Gaan

Black Star Melodies - Asher-E

Album / Release: 17-11-2017

The solo-album by Black Star producer Asher-E on melodica. Almost all instruments are played by Asher-E, except for 3 guest musicians on the album (violin, percussion and guitar), so the typical sharp and crispy sound of Asher-E is clear and present! The CD contains 8 tracks with some voice samples by Exile Di Brave, Marlon Asher and Vivian Jones.


1. Black Star Melodies
2. Control Tower
3. King Selassie I We Praise
4. Don’t Judge
5. On A Mission
6. It Ain’t Right
7. All My Life
8. If The Melodica Could Talk

Exile Di Brave meets Black Star - Exile Di Brave

EP/Album / Release: 01-08-2017

Exile Di Brave (Jamaica) released a new EP on Black Star label on Friday 25 August 2017.
'Exile Di Brave meets Black Star' contains 6 very versatile tracks, from ska to reggae, dancehall and dub. Riddims by Asher-E (Holland) and Firehouse Crew (Jamaica) for Black Star Foundation.

There is one collaboration track on the album featuring Taxi Red Ash, who has been the taxi driver in Kingston (Jamaica) for the Black Star crew since many years. The driver happened to have a great old-school voice and with Exile Di Brave toasting on top of it, it has become a big hit!


1. Never Get Weak Yet
2. Celebrate Our Love
3. Buy Lies    
4. Spend my Money (disco mix) feat. Taxi Red Ash
5. Earnings
6. Never Get Dubbed Yet   

Lovely Girl Riddim - Various artists

Riddim / Release: 01-11-2015

The album holds 12 tracks by both national and international artists on one instrumental (riddim), including 2 dub versions. The music is written by musicians from 3 different continents: Osagyefo (Ghana), Tuff Lion (Virgin Islands) and Black Star producer Asher-E (Holland).

The song ‘Lovely Girl’ was originally recorded for the album ‘Blaze Fire’ by Osagyefo (Black Star label, 2007). In the recent years, a number of International artists made their own version on the riddim, like Lutan Fyah, Spectacular and Vivian Jones (Jamaica), Mr. Aya and Yellam (France), Joggo, K-Wida, Bredda Marcus and Leah Rosier (Holland).


1. Lutan Fyah - Miss Independant
2. Leah Rosier - Rude Boy
3. Spectacular - Faith and Hope
4. Joggo - Private Performer
5. Mr. Aya - Trop Red
6. Vivian Jones - One Love
7. K-Wida - Tell Me
8. Yellam - A Lovely Day
9. Osagyefo - Lovely Girl
10. Bredda Marcus - Mr. Officer
Dub versions:
11. Vivian Jones - One Dub
12. Leah Rosier - Rude Dub

Black Star presents Vivian Jones - Vivian Jones

Album / Release: 01-01-2015

Mr. Vivian Jones, reggae veteran from the UK/Jamaica, released a new album in cooperation with Dutch reggae organization Black Star Foundation. The album holds 10 tracks, including 2 extended dub-versions.

Guest artists on the album are Fire Housecrew George 'Dusty' Miller and Donald Dennis (Jamaica), Tuff Lion (Virgin Islands), Carron McGibbon (Jamaica), Daddy Spears (Jamaica), Spectacular (Jamaica), Leah Rosier (Holland), Hans van Scharen (Belgium), Guido van de Wijdeven (Holland), Simon de Zwaan (Holland), Out of Many horns (Holland), Tijs Tacken (Holland), Mikey (Holland), Brainpower (Holland) and Asher-E (Holland).


1. Chant Rastafari
2. Want It Fi Nothin' ft. Spectacular
3. Now They Are After Me
4. That Love (extended version)
5. All My Life
6. All My Dub
7. One Love
8. Bhingy Dready (discomix)       
9. If The Tree Could Talk
10. If The Tree Could Dub

Rub A Dub Riddim - Various artists

Riddim / Release: 01-03-2013

The album holds 9 tracks by Turbulence (Jamaica), Trilla U (Jamaica), Vivian Jones (Jamaica/UK), Linval Thompson (Jamaica), Marlon Asher (Trinidad), Bredda Marcus (Holland), Mr. Aya (France), Leah Rosier (Holland) and Brainpower (Holland).

Drum and bass were recorded in Jamaica with the well-known Firehouse Crew. All other instruments are done in Holland by Asher-E, who is also responsible for mixing and producing the songs.


1. Turbulence - Love You Forever
2. Trilla U - Cut It Out
3. Vivian Jones - Chant Rastafari
4. Linval Thompson - Belly Full
5. Marlon Asher - Weeping & Mourning
6. Bredda Marcus - No One Can Stop Me
7. Mr. Aya - Leurs Coeurs Sont Durs
8. Leah Rosier - Come Rain Come Shine
9. Brainpower - Alles

Bad Girls Riddim - Various artists

Riddim / Release: 01-09-2012

First riddim release on Black Star label. The album consists of 6 tracks by different artists, plus a mega mix of the riddim. The ‘Bad Girls' riddim was released in September 2012 with tracks by Marlon Asher (Trinidad), Turbulence (Jamaica), Spectacular (Jamaica), Smiley (Holland), Leah Rosier (Holland) and the original/first version by K-Wida (Holland) & Lady G (Jamaica).

The music is played by the Firehouse Crew (Jamaica) and produced/mixed by Tixie (Jamaica) and Asher-E (Holland).


1. Marlon Asher - Ganja Work
2. Turbulence - Learn To Love Each Other   
3. Spectacular - Overload
4. Leah Rosier - Butterflies
5. Smiley - Bigger
6. K-Wida & Lady G - How Do You Want It (Bad Girls)   
7. Mega-mix

Dub & Dwars - Brainpower

Album / Release: 01-07-2010

In 2010 Dutch rapper Brainpower and Black Star Foundation released the reggae album ‘Dub & Dwars'. The CD contains reggae versions of 6 Brainpower classics plus the brand new title track 'Dub & Dwars’. Brainpower’s best hip hop tunes on reggae riddims by Black Star!

The music is made by Black Star producer Asher-E (Holland) and the Firehouse Crew (Jamaica). All lyrics are re-recorded and almost all tunes contain an extended dub-version.


1.   Dub & Dwars
2.   Non Stop Dub   
3.   De Vierde Kaart Dub
4.   Je Moest Waarschijnlijk Gaan Dub   
5.   Dans Ska
6.   Alles Dub
7.   Boks Ouwe Dub

One Man Woman - Lady K-Wida feat. King Yellowman

Single / Release: 01-01-2009

The second single of Lady K-Wida is ‘One Man Woman' featuring King Yellowman! The single holds a a version with the legendary Jamaican artist King Yellowman, a solo-version and a live version with Poor Man Friend band (Holland)! Produced by Asher-E.


1. One Man Woman feat. King Yellowman
2. One Man Woman (solo)
3. One Man Woman feat. Poor man Friend (live)

Love Can Make You Blind - Lady K-Wida

Single / Release: 01-05-2008

The first single of Lady K-Wida, 'Love Can make You Blind', was released in May 2008. The second track on the single is 'So Much Trouble'. Both tracks are produced by Asher-E.


1. Love Can Make You Blind
2. So Much Trouble

Blaze Fire - Osagyefo

Album / Release: 01-08-2007

Album by Osagyefo (Ghana) in cooperation with Tuff Lion (Virgin Islands), Black Star producer Asher-E (Holland) and many other musicians. Recorded and produced in the Netherlands. There are only a few last CDs left!


1.   Introduction    
2.   Hotter Fire Blaze
3.   Lovely Girl   
4.   Slavemaster feat. Tuff Lion   
5.   The System A Fight We
6.   The Way She Flex
7.   I Am Aware feat. Lady K-Wida
8.   Babylon Can’t Hold We Down
9.   Warrior
10. Topper
11. Ghetto Youth
12. I love U Just The Way U Are
13. Mama
14. Love Jah
15. Mi Run The Place