Black Star Sound to Jamaica (January 2017)

In January 2017 the 2 founders of Black Star Sound, Selector Den-Den and MC Michelle, went to Kingston (Jamaica) for a series of performances. The tour is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

Michelle and Den-Den (Black Star Foundation) are visiting the Reggae island Jamaica for years. The duo already was live on Jamaican radio Bess FM for an interview (2014), another interview together with Dutch singer Leah Rosier (2015) and for playing a 40 minute dubplate selection (2016). In January 2016 Black Star Sound performed in Jamaica for the first time at Vinyl Thursdays, one of the weekly events in the capital city Kingston.

January 2017 Black Star Sound did a number of performances in Jamaica:

Black Star at Vinyl Sunday (Drapers)

Black Star at Inner City Dub (Kingston)