Black Star Tour 2018 (January 2018)

To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Black Star Foundation in 2018, Black Star Sound went on tour this summer season. Black Star Sound brought the European audience a special DJ-set with strictly Black Star productions and dub plates, combined with live artists!

Live artists in the package were two artists with whom Black Star recorded an album with:

Asher-E (on melodica):
Asher-E is an allround reggae musician, sound engineer and producer. His home studio is filled with musical instruments, like keyboards, guitars, drums and a lot of different percussion instruments. His favorite instrument is the melodica. The album 'Black Star Melodies' is a solo-album by Black Star producer Asher-E on melodica. Almost all instruments are played by Asher-E, except for 3 guest musicians on the album (violin, percussion and guitar).

Released: December 2017

Leah Rosier:
Leah Rosier from Amsterdam (Holland) has been singing and playing guitar and piano since an early age. As a teenager she travelled the world as a professional fashion model. A photoshoot in Jamaica made her fall even more in love with Jamaican music and culture. On her third album 'The Black Star Tracks' the female artist shows a more mature side of herself, both musically as lyrically. All vocals and backing vocals are done by Leah herself and she plays guitar on 'Smile Vibe High'. The album contains 11 tracks, including 1 dub version.

Released: November 2017