Musical lectures by Black Star! (2008-now)

The speakers for the lectures, Dr. Tim (researcher and teacher at the University Utrecht), Teacha Dan (reggae fanatic) and Michelle (founder of Black Star Foundation) are all reggae lovers. They can talk very lively about reggae music and Jamaica, the island they regularly visit. Their stories will be supported by vision and sound (DJ Den-Den, Black Star Sound).

The musical lectures by Black Star Foundation are about different subjects, like:

Bob Marley and Reggae music:

  • About the life and career of Bob Marley
  • The development of Jamaican music:
    From ska and rocksteady to reggae and dancehall
  • Jamaican music industry:
    Soundsystems, DJs, labels, studios and riddims
  • Jamaica:
    The island of Bob Marley and reggae but also full of violence

Speaker 1: Dr. Tim
Dr. Tim Boekhout van Solinge is researcher and teacher at the University Utrecht (Law, Criminology). Tim wrote his thesis (1994) about the social backgrounds of Jamaican music and culture, and therefor he stayed in Kingston, Jamaica for six months. In that period Tim spoke and interviewed a lot of Jamaican reggae artists. He still gives lectures about Jamaican reggae music on a regular base.

Speaker 2: Teacha Dan
Teacha Dan is actually Daan v/d Bos. For many years, he was the owner of Roots Music recordstore in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam reggae Guide on Also teacher and reggae fanatic!

Speaker 3: Michelle
Michelle Boekhout van Solinge is the founder and driving force behind Black Star Foundation. She is working in the Dutch music industry for more than 10 years. Michelle is a big reggae lover and she is mostly working on management and bookings for reggae artists/bands, (online) promotion, organisation of events and concerts and the development of new talent.

Music by: Den-Den (Black Star Sound)
Dennis van Tetering works in the music industry for his whole life and he knows a lot about (reggae) music. Dennis (a.k.a. Den-Den) is also a DJ in reggae/dancehall music (Black Star Sound). During the musical lectures by Black Star Foundation, Den-Den will support Tims story musically with his enormous collection of reggae en dancehall singles.