Black Star webstore (2021)

Since 2021 Black Star Foundation has a new webstore with brand-new products! Besides music we also sell all kinds of merchandise, like different t-shirts, sweaters and mouth masks.

Because the music business has now come to a complete standstill, due to Covid-19 (2020/2021), Black Star Foundation started to design exclusive fashion! In our Black Star Store we sell merchandise with designs based on music and CDs, released on Black Star label. In our webstore, we offer brand new products, whereby the print and fulfilment (shipping, etc.) of your order is provided by Merchandise&Entertainment.

Besides music, the Black Star collection holds different t-shirts, sweaters and mouth masks. Most of the shirts are made from organic cotton.
In the picture you can see some examples of the different products in our webstore.

To visit the Black Star Store, go to!