Brainpower releases reggae album Dub & Dwars (July 2010)

The Dutch rapper Brainpower released a reggae album, called Dub & Dwars. The CD contains reggae versions of 6 of Brainpowers hittunes, plus the new title track Dub & Dwars. In this tune Brainpower explains the whole idea behind this reggae album.

"Finally I can share my passion for reggae music with you all. (...) Reggae is in a certain way the father of hiphop, who planted his seed in the fertile grounds of The Bronx in NY..."

For this reggae project, Brainpower works together with Black Star Foundation. In the beginning of this year Brainpower travelled Jamaica with the crew of Black Star Foundation. Inspired by the Jamaican music culture and his lifelong love for reggae music, the idea for Dub & Dwars was born.

Black Star Foundation has different riddims, Brainpower has his lyrics and the both fit perfectly! Two riddims of the Dub & Dwars album are produced by the Fire House Crew (backingband for Sizzla and others). The other (5) riddims of Dub & Dwars are made by Black Star producer Asher E, who also produced all tracks with Brainpower. All tracks are re-recorded and almost all tunes contain a extended dub-version.

Dub & Dwars:
From July 16 the Dub & Dwars album by Brainpower will be available in the stores for only €10!

Order the album here!

1. Dub & Dwars
2. Non Stop Dub
3. De Vierde Kaart Dub
4. Je Moest Waarschijnlijk Gaan Dub
5. Alles Dub
6. Dans Ska
7. Boks Ouwe Dub