Lady K-Wida releases duet with Yellowman (January 2009)

Lady K-Wida released her new single One Man Woman in the beginning of 2009. The single features Jamaican artist Yellowman.


One Man Woman is the second single by the small lady with the big voice. The new single holds a live version with backing band Poor Man Friend and a combination style version with the legendary Jamaican singer Yellowman. This latter version is also accompanied by a video!

Lady K-Wida's first single, Love Can Make You Blind, was released last May and has propelled her onto stages like Parkpop, the biggest free pop festival of Europe (June 29, 2008 in the Zuiderpark, the Hague) and Two Sevens Splash, the biggest indoor reggae festival of the Netherlands (July 6, 2008 in the Heineken Music Hall). Love Can Make You Blind has been in regular rotation on Dutch radio stations Kink FM and FunX Radio.

Lady K-Wida:
Lady K-Wida is of Surinam Hindustani heritage and resides in The Hague. Since 2000 she has been singing with Poor Man Friend. This band won the Dutch Reggae Award 2007and has become one of the longest running reggae bands of the Netherlands. On stage the group consists of thirteen people including a full horn section, percussionists and backing vocalists.

Yellowman is a living legend and the best-known reggae artist after Bob Marley. An albino orphan, Yellowman grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. In the early nineteen eighties his international career took off with a string of albums for the renowned English Greensleeves label. Yellowman is witty, socially aware, a great improviser and rather self-conscious: he calls himself King Yellowman and Mr. Sexy.