Leah Rosier has a successful tour in Jamaica (January 2015)

Week 1: Negril
After months of crowdfunding in order to collect money for her plane ticket, Leah Rosier and Black Star crew Michelle Boekhout van Solinge and Dennis van Tetering travelled to the reggae Island Jamaica on January 1st 2015. The next day (January 2nd) the artist got the chance to do a guest appearance during a show of the legendary King Yellowman on the white beach of Negril, a village located in Westmoreland (Jamaica's most Western Province). The promoter of the show was very impressed and invited Leah Rosier for two more performances that same week (January 5th and 7th 2015).

Leah Rosier in Negril, Jamaica (2015)

It's always exciting for a non-Jamaican reggae artist to go to Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae, and given the overwhelming number of positive comments, this trip was a big success!

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