Monthly party: Black Star Wednesday in Bitterzoet (2007-2008)

Every last Wednesday of the month there was relaxed reggae music and pumping dancehall beats by selector Den-Den of Black Star Sound with every month different guests: singers, DJ's and/or live bands. Unfortunately we stopped!

Bitterzoet is a bar but also a stage and a theatre in the centre of Amsterdam. Every day they have a different programm, like DJ's, bands and theatre productions.

At first Bass Culture took place on every third Tuesday of the month. From February 2007 Black Star Foundation is organising the monthly reggae/dancehall event in Bitterzoet and since June 2007 we move via the second Wednesday of every month to every last Wednesday of the month. By the end of 2007 we also changed the name into Black Star Wednesday!

Unfortunately the very last Black Star Wednesday was in March 2008. And we had such a good time over there! Don't worry, we will continuw on different locations. Subscribe for the Black Star Newsletter and stay informed about our upcoming events in Paard van Troje (The Hague), P60 (Amstelveen), Melkweg, Fantasio and Bijlmer Sporthal (Amsterdam).