Marlon Asher in Amsterdam (summer 2011)

Marlon Asher (Trinidad) is the singer/songwriter of one of the biggest worldwide hit tunes in reggae music of the last years: Ganja Farmer! The reggae artist was in Holland in July 2011!

Marlon Asher meets The High Notes:
Marlon Asher played at different big festivals like Reggae in Duketown (Den Bosch, June 26), Future Reggae Ruigoord (Amsterdam, July 3), Zwarte Cross Festival (Lichtenvoorde, July 15) and Big Rivers Festival (Dordrecht, July 16). Marlon Asher performed with the Dutch Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae band Rude Rich & The High Notes.

Coffeeshop Tour:

Besides these shows with band, Marlon Asher also wanted to do some small shows with a DJ. Black Star Foundation planned a coffeeshoptour in Amsterdam (July 7/8/9).

'Amsterdam' by Leah ft. Marlon Asher!
The artist recently recorded a track with the Amsterdam based female reggaesinger Leah. The track is called 'Amsterdam' so when Marlon Asher was here, they did some recordings for the videoclip.

What's in the name?
And off course we had to introduce Marlon Asher to our own legendary Black Star producer/multi-instrumentalist Asher E! E We recorded 7 new tracks!
The name 'Asher' was derived from the 12 tribes of Israel. Asher is the tribe which repesents December and the spirit of Christ.