Out now: Mix tape Leah Rosier (October 2014)

The mix tape 'From Amsterdam to Kingston' holds 48 minutes of strictly Leah Rosier tunes: 21 tracks which are released the last 4 years (2010-2014) plus some extra unique tracks, all mixed by Black Star Sound.


1. Going to Jamaica
2. Don't Hide my Ganja
3. You Lied
4. Irie
5. Sunny Dub
6. Sunny Day
7. Stronger
8. Like a Lioness
9. Babylon Burning
10. When I get You
11. Love Fyah
12. High Grade Woman
13. West Side of Amsterdam
14. East Side of Amsterdam
15. Do You Like
16. Music Teach Me
17. Free it Up
18. Better Ways
19. Sufferers
20. Enough is Enough
21. All for Love
22. On a Mission
23. Ready for Tonight
24. Come Rain Come Shine
25. Teng Jam (Jamaica version)
26. Likkle Lone Ranger
27. Butterflies

Dutch reggae artist Leah Rosier has the opportunity to go to Jamaica with Black Star crew Dennis and Michelle. Buy the brand new mix tape 'From Amsterdam to Kingston' for €5 only (or more!) and help her to realize this goal! All income will go directly to Leah Rosier's ticket to Jamaica (January 2015).

To order the mix tape, check: From Amsterdam to Kingston
Thanks in advance for the support!

Note: The mix tape is only available on CD (not yet downloadable). Every CD is handwritten with a unique design by Leah Rosier herself.