New single Lady K-Wida for the first time on FunX! (April 2008)

A demo-version of the new single 'Love Can Make You Blind' has been played on FunX Radio! It's the first time this track has been played for the public. Official release was on Saturday May 3rd in Fantasio (Amsterdam).

FunX Five feat. Yes-R
Every Sunday: 17.00 till 19.00.
Presented by: Yes-R, Soessie B & Ezgi

Sunday rocks with Yes-R, Sandra and Soessie B on your radio. Every week they listen to a demo and this time the demo will be the debut single of Lady K-Wida)!

Listen here for 'Love Can Make You Blind', an interview with Lady K-Wida and the comments of Yes-R! (Part 2: 21-26 min.)

Yes-R to Lady K-Wida: "I really think it is a nice track, really! I also think you really have a great voice, nice harmonies and all, I really started to bounce on the music.".