New single Lady K-Wida for the first time on FunX! (April 2008)

FunX Five feat. Yes-R
Every Sunday: 17.00 till 19.00.
Presented by: Yes-R, Soessie B & Ezgi

Sunday rocks with Yes-R, Sandra and Soessie B on your radio. Every week they listen to a demo and this time the demo will be the debut single of Lady K-Wida)!

Listen here for 'Love Can Make You Blind', an interview with Lady K-Wida and the comments of Yes-R! (Part 2: 21-26 min.)

Yes-R to Lady K-Wida: "I really think it is a nice track, really! I also think you really have a great voice, nice harmonies and all, I really started to bounce on the music.".