Radio promotion for reggae (2009-now)

Black Star Foundation is doing radio promotion for new reggae releases at national and regional radio in Holland. Reggae and dancehall music is hardly played on Dutch national radio and we really want to change that!

Black Star Foundation wants to promote reggae music in general in Holland. Reggae is not really accepted as a serious music genre and reggae/dancehall is hardly played on any Dutch radio station. We want to change that step by step by telling the radio DJ's and music directors what's going on in the reggae business and showing them new and professional reggae music.

Radio promotion or 'plugging' means we are bringing a personal visit to the different national radio stations in Holland. The new releases (mostly singles) will be presented and discussed with the musical directors and radio DJ's of the different stations.

Besides airplay, radio interviews and/or live performances can be arranged with the different radio stations, as well as give-aways (tickets for concerts and/or CD's).

Do you want Black Star Foundation to promote your new tune at the radio, please contact Michelle.