Cooperation with Lampfall Foundation (2003-2005)

Black Star Foundation worked together with Lampfall Foundation. Lampfall Foundation stands for the production and promotion of African culture and tradition as well as support of different projects in Africa.

Lampfall Foundation was founded in 1994 to promote African arts, tradition and culture in Europe and abroad, as well as to stimulate integration of different cultures on spiritual and creative bases. The spiritual teachings and the work of Cheikh Ibra Fall are the force behind the various projects of the Lampfall Foundation.

Black Star Foundation and Lampfall Foundation worked a long time to organise a big Baye Fall Festival in the Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get all the financials together. We will keep you informed about any possibilities for another Baye Fall event!

Black Star Foundation also booked and promoted different shows and workshops with and for Lampfall Foundation, Bantaba Ballet and Bantaba Percussion Group.