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Future Reggae Ruigoord Festival 2012
July 6 - 8, 2012 from 18.00 till 05.00 in Ruigoord (Amsterdam)

Ruigoord proudly presents the 7th edition of their reggae festival: Future Reggae Ruigoord 2012!

Like the last 2 years, Black Star Foundation is helping Ruigoord with programming and promotion of this festival. This we booked U-Roy as the main act on Saturday night! Off course Black Star Sound also be present: Saturday night after U-Roy a soundsystem afterparty with Black Star Sound alongside Keytown Sound in the church of Ruigoord.


18.00: Fenomena show (UK)
19.00: Samurai (UK)
20.00: One World band ft. Ruben D. (NL)
21.00: Broncorotto Sound (UK)
22.00: Sunrockers (BE)
23.00: Open The Gate with div. DJ's (UK):
01.00: Connie Bell (UK)
02.00: Clapper Priest (UK)
03.00: Samurai MC Baco (UK)
04.00: Fenomena show (UK)
05.00: End
23.00: King Shiloh Soundsystem (NL)
05.00: End

Main stage:
13.00: Samurai (UK)
14.00: Wahwahsda (BE)
15.00: Fenomena show (UK)
16.00: Punky Donch (NL)
17.00: Broncorotto Sound (UK)
18.00: Smiley (NL)
19.00: Fenomena show (UK)
20.00: Joggo (NL)
21.00: Connie Bell / Clapper Priest (UK)
22.00: U-ROY (JA)
23.00: End
13.00: Back A Wall Sound (NL)
05.00: End
23.00: Dubtactics XL with Dub Dokters, Chaos, D-Jah and more
04.00: End

Main stage:
12.00: Samurai (UK)
13.00: Rude Walkin (NL)
14.00: Fenomena show (UK)
15.00: Offshore (NL)
16.00: Brocorotto Sound (UK)
17.00: The Duplicators (NL)
18.00: Samurai (UK)
19.00: Nucleus Roots (UK)
20.00: Fenomena show (UK)
21.00: Zion Train (UK)
22.00: End
13.00: Back A Wall Sound (NL)
23.00: Afterparty
24.00: Open The Gate with:
01.00: Connie Bell (UK)
02.00: Clapper Priest (UK)
03.00: Samurai MC Baco (UK)
04.00: Fenomena show (UK)
05.00: End

Address: Ruigoord
Ruigoord 76 - 1047 HH - Amsterdam - Holland
(Check 'Accraweg' on your navigation)

Passe-partout tickets for the whole weekend cost 60 in presale. Daytickets are only available at the gate, costs 20 for Friday and 30 for Saturday or Sunday. Free entrance for children under the age of 17.

More info, check Future Reggae Ruigoord.

Line up

Performing artists:

U-Roy (Jamaica)
U-Roy is the creator of DJ music, beginning as a Jamaican soundsystem DJ in 1961. He is responsible for putting the DJ on the map, both as recording artist in Jamaica and as a major indirect influence on the US rappers. As such his importance is immense!

Joggo (Surinam/Holland)
Joggo introduced himself to the reggae audience in 2008 after the release off the mixtape Beware. The song Beware (Kingdom riddim) had a huge international impact and peaked at the #2 position in the official German reggae charts for weeks.

Smiley (The Netherlands)
Smiley was born in Aruba en he has been into music since 1997. In 2000 he came to Holland, where he worked together with Out of Many and other. Nowadays he has his own band.

Sunrockers (Belgium)
Winners of the Benelux Reggae Contest 2012! The lyrics and grooves of Sunrockers are melting together in a kind of trance, that is never far away from Africa, where the band members often travel to!

Leah Rosier (The Netherlands)
Leah is a young female reggae artist from Amsterdam (Holland)! She started to write, compose and record her own songs in 2010 and she is already perfoming on different stages, in both Holland and abroad.

Black Star Sound (The Netherlands)
Black Star Sound is a roots reggae sound, based in Amsterdam (Holland). Selector Den-Den loves vinyl and has a huge 7-single collection. Black Star Sound also has a nice dubplate selection box! On stage Den-Den is often assisted by MC's and talented singers. Besides Jamaican riddims Black Star Sound also plays their own productions.

Keytown Sound (Leiden)
Keytown Sound from Leiden exists of the selectors Martial Ard, Senior and D-Leon with Papa Aya as singjay. They play straight up Roots Reggae and Dancehall, from way back till the present.

Back-a-Wall Movement (The Netherlands)
Back-a-Wall Movement is a reggae soundsystem with a positive message. For more than 15 years Papa Hobbol and Remy Rootical are playing their records, strictly vinyl and mostly 7".