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Reggae Talent Xplosion
Saturday March 29, 2014 in Petrol (Antwerpen - BE)

The BeneluXXL Reggae Contest for live bands and MC's.
After the pre-selection and the online selection (semi finals) the finalists of the Benelux Reggae Contest are chosen!

Based on the number of votes by the audience and the critical judgement of the professional jury selected JAMAICAN JAZZ ORCHESTRA, JUNIOR KENNA and RAPHAEL PICO as the finalists for bands, and FULLANNY, PUPPASONIC and VERSE ITAL as finalists for the MC's.

On Saturday March 29 these bands and MC's will perform in Club Petrol (Antwerp, Belgium) to compete for the beautiful prize package.

Afterparty with TIPPA IRIE and DUBMATIX!

Address: Petrol
d'Herbouvillekaai 25 - 2020 Antwerpen - Belgium

Line up


Fullanny (Surinam/Holland)
Fullanny (Orlando Gambier) is a concious reggae artist from the country Surinam, borned and raised in the Netherlands.

Puppasonic & RadikalSound System (Belgium)
Puppasonic is the MC of RadikalSound System. They are based in Brussels, Belgium. Oldschool Jamaican soundsystem style with Jah Sky pon the controls and soundsystem.

Verse iTal (The Netherlands)
Winner of the Benelux Reggae Contest 2014! Verse iTal a.k.a. Stefan Wilson, has been part of the Trinidadian reggae scene for years. In 2012 Verse iTal took his album and talents to the UK and Europe. Now he lives in The Hague (Holland).

Dubmatix (Canada)
Dubmatix is an Internationally acclaimed Canadian artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. The Toronto-born Dubmatix is celebrating his 10th anniversary this year, he is now firmly established as one of the top reggae producers in the world.

Tippa Irie (Jamaica/UK)
Anthony Henry - a.k.a. Tippa Irie was born to Jamaican parents in South London. He is a Grammy nominated recording artist in reggae, hiphop and dub. Welknown for his hit tune Hello Darling (1986).

Jamaican Jazz Orchestra (Belgium)
Jamaican Jazz Orchestra is originated in Belgium. They play a mix of reggae, rocksteady, ska and jazz.

Junior Kenna (The Netherlands)
The young and talented reggae/dancehall artist Jr. Kenna is born and raised with music. From an early age on Junior Kenna was inspired to get involved in music by his mum, uncles, cousins and father (Kendread) who are all performing artists for many years. Jr. Kenna is raised by Surinam and Indonesian parents.

Rapha Pico (The Netherlands)
Some people are born with music in their genes, a heritage which will guide their future life no matter what. Raphael is like that, a young singer with lots of talent.